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GAIA GOLD RANGE Royal Bio Nutricell Day Face Lotion

GAIA GOLD RANGE Royal Bio Nutricell Day Face Lotion

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Premium Gold Range

Pigment Regulating

Another wonderful moisturiser unique to Gaia Organics, this advanced anti-ageing and skin cancer preventative lotion is suitable for all skins, men and women, but particularly useful for dry and damaged skin. Hormonal changes, the elements, stress and everything in between takes its toll on ones body and skin – often we are left with dry, uneven, dull skin. Gaia Organics Royal Bio Nutricell Organic Day Face Lotion with a built in SPF factor will restore damaged skin and provide a barrier against the sun for day use, while prolonged use will leave you with clear, even skin that radiates with health.

How does the Bio Nutricell Benefit You?
  • Antioxidants: Various natural but potent antioxidants are included to protect the cells from oxidative damage.
  • Anti-ageing: A number of the ingredients have well documented anti-ageing properties, with some improving elasticity and others helping in the development of collagen.
  • Soothing & Anti- inflammatory: Soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients are included to alleviate or prevent irritated skin conditions.
  • Sun Protection: Whilst natural sun protective ingredients are included and will assist in providing a very low level of natural sun protection (due to the small amount of the product used), high UV exposure will require additional protection.
  • Assists the body’s Melanin Production: Adequate melanin production generally results in less stress on the skin during sun exposure, reduced tissue damage and natural protection of the body by improving natural pigments. Melanin works by absorbing UV rays and dissipating them as heat.
  • Healing, regeneration, cell building: Healing and regeneration are essential in maintaining a healthy skin.
Please note that this approach takes time, and even if your skin is producing melanin optimally you should avoid the sun completely when the UV index is high (between 11am and 3pm in summer months)

In addition, Gaia have included some ingredients that are known to assist with burns and others known for their ability to help regenerate skin damaged by the sun.

Bio Nutricell comprises of three separate layers: 1/3 organic Green Tea, 1/3 plant ingredients, vitamins and minerals, 1/3 cold-pressed oils. No synthetic emulsifiers have been used to force them to combine. It is therefore essential to shake this product quite vigorously

Once applied to the skin, the water soluble ingredients are absorbed very quickly, whereas the oil soluble ingredients require a short while for the oil to be warned by the body in order for them to be absorbed.


Wet the skin; shake well, puddle into one cupped hand, spread over the hands, then face, neck & arms.


Contains: Purified rainwater, *green tea (extract), zinc oxide, tannic and para-amino benzoic acids (vitamin B complement), *comfrey allantoin extract, beta-carotene, Vitamins A, B2 & 6, C, E,  d-panthenol, *kombucha, ginseng, tyrosine, glutathione, selenium, thymol, colloidal silver, cold-pressed *sesame, *jojoba, *flaxseed, evening primrose, *Kigelia (Sausage tree) & *Kalahari melon seed oils, essential oils of *lavender, *rose geranium, neroli, orange, patchouli, ylang-ylang & lemon balm.

*organically sourced.

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