Mark Timon founded Vibrant Health in 1992 with a purpose—to improve the health and well-being of others through nutrition. He had a strong belief that abundant nourishment is the best way to improve digestion, circulation, and immunity. He envisioned a product that would provide a simple way to add a powerful boost of wholesome nutrition to the daily diet. From this vision, our first product, Green Vibrance, was born.

In 2007, Ted and Paige Parker took over the reins of Vibrant Health. Under their shrewd stewardship, Vibrant Health has flourished. We now offer an assortment of innovative, award-winning products. Our small, family-owned company has grown, and it is now known for setting the industry standard. To this day, passion for improving lives through nutrition continues to be the driving force behind every decision we make and every product we create.

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