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We are situated on the lower ground floor in Cavendish Square, Claremont, Cape Town.

Here you can come to find healing herbal teas and tinctures, homeopathic remedies as well as essential vitamins and minerals to nourish your body and boost your wellbeing. Nurture your skin with our world renowned skincare ranges, indulge your senses with the most decadent candles and therapeutic pure essential oils. Our toxic-free, eco-friendly body care, hair care and home cleaning products are kind to you and the environment.

Meet our Team

At the heart of The Good Stuff is our team of health practitioners who care about your health journey.  We love expanding our knowledge and each member of our team brings their own expertise to help you along your path. Whether you've made a small change or overcome a big health hurdle, your win is our win. It brings us joy when we can help you feel better, recover from illness, find skincare that works or a candle you love. When you leave our store feeling uplited, then the Good Stuff team does a happy dance too.

Noelene Kennedy - OwnerNoelene Kennedy

Noelene is the vivacious owner of The Good Stuff and is affectionately nicknamed “Mamma Boss” by her staff. A qualified Reflexologist, Noelene first started out working at The Good Stuff before buying it.

Passionate about all aspects of health and women’s health issues, she believes our hormones play a large part in our physical and emotional lives, affecting every cell in our bodies from childhood to menopause and beyond. She is constantly updating her knowledge on these topics and has studied many courses to further her scope.

“When I am able to offer information and assistance about skin care, fertility, PMS, weight issues and menopause, I feel fulfilled and pleased that I am able to bring some relief and clarity. My love of assisting the healing on every level has never wavered in the 25 years I have worked in the health industry. “

Michéle De Brabander | The Good Stuff

Michèle de Brabander

Michèle first started as our health consultant at The Good Stuff, her gentle nature, warm smile and extensive knowledge led her to become our marvelous manager. She has 20 years experience in the health industry and is registered as Therapeutic Reflexologists with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa [AHPCSA].

She also has a Diploma in Horticulture, is certified in Herbalism and studied a year on Homeopathy. She completed an extensive Solgar training course and is constantly updating her knowledge on our supplements. She is passionate about topics related to mental health as she has her own journey with anxiety and depression.

Deevya Vasson | The Good Stuff

Deevya Vasson

Deevya has a background in women's magazines where she wrote health and beauty articles for prominent glossy titles. Her own exploration in health and natural skincare lead to a fascination with holistic practices and alternative healing modalities. She qualified as a Hatha Yoga Practitioner and Pre/Post Natal Yoga facilitator and has been teaching this ancient art for 15 years. She runs her own yoga classes at Yoga with Deevya. She uses yoga as a tool to help people find mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. At the store, her goal is to help the customer feel empowered in their own health by making practical changes, no matter how small, she believes it's a positive step to a happier, healthier life.


Marlene McPherson

Marlene McPherson | The Good Stuff

Marlene has spent 25 years as a Natural Health Practitioner offering Wholistic Alignment Treatments and runs her own Natural Health practice incorporating her nutritional, herbal and movement therapy training.

She believes that any illness or dis-ease has an underlying cause, whether it's physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and her passion lies in helping her clients find those causes to restore balance in their lives.

“I believe in living in harmony with nature and I promote a holistic way of life because I've had a myriad of my own severe health challenges that have led me to this path. I'm passionate about using my knowledge and experience to help others on theirs.”

Wendy Parker-Forsyth

Wendy Parker-Forsyth - The Good Stuff Online Health Shop

Wendy follow a dual career in the health and food industries, both of which have complimented each other but she always found her way back to the health industry.

She believes we are the custodians of our bodies. We must take action to employ healthy lifestyle habits to prevent, reduce and manage dis-ease and illness.


Other Products Available in our Cavendish Store


  • Cellfood
  • Metabole
  • Vitamin Research Products
  • PrimeQuest
  • ECS Colloidal Silver
  • Floradix
  • Spatone
  • Tibb
  • Bioflora Intestiflora
  • Biostrath
  • Silver Genesis Colloidal Silver
  • AIM
  • Nordic Naturals
  • Lugols Iodine
  • Flordis
  • Coral Calcium
  • Solal Technologies
  • Life Matrix Protein Powders
  • Diatemaceous Earth
  • BuchuLife
  • Bio77 Liquid Trace Minerals
  • Mineralife
  • Siberian Pine Nut OIl
  • African Cranberry Concentrate
  • PhytoPro Protein Powders
  • ESI TenHerbs


        • Natura
        • Stodal
        • Sedatif
        • Similisan
        • Homeovox
        • Herbaforce
        • Heel
        • Coryzalia

              SKIN & BODY CARE

              • Dr. Organic
              • Toothpaste
              • MiswaK Ayurvedic Toothpaste
              • Badger Organic Skincare
              • La Giardino Soaps
              • Sunumbra Organic Sun Protection
              • Locherber Sun Protection
              • Organic Rosehip Oil
              • Pure Swiss Collagen
              • Hopes Relief
              • Hilcron Mustard Bath
              • Natracare Organic Tampons
              • Nature Fresh Intimate Cleansers and Body Washes
              • Aluminium Free Deodorants
              • Oh Lief
              • Down to Earth African Potato Cream
              • Smittens
              • Treemendus
              • Honey Guide Beeswax Ointment
              • Ear Candles


                    • Aromatherapy Burners
                    • Aromatherapy Diffusers
                    • Thursday Plantation
                    • So-IL Organic Essential Oils
                    • Escentia Essential Oils
                    • Zinziba Essentail Oils
                    • Aromatic Apothecary Products


                          • Incense
                          • Mooncup Menstrual Cup
                          • Salt Crystal Lamps
                          • Amber Teething Necklaces
                          • Manuka Honey
                          • Symbols on Silk

                                HERBAL TEAS

                                • Yogi Teas
                                • Eve’s teas
                                • Taka Turmeric Golden Tea
                                • Moringa Tea
                                • Matcha Green Tea
                                • Polaritea
                                • Sing Fefur Organic Teas
                                • Mandela Honeybush & Rooibos Tea
                                • Theron's Wonder Comfrey Tea
                                • Teekanne Teas
                                • Khoisan Tea
                                • Buchu Tea
                                • Woody Cape Chicory
                                • Dandelion Coffee Substitute


                                      • Himalayan Crystal Salt
                                      • Health Connection
                                      • Manuka Honey
                                      • Wheat Free Muesli
                                      • Organic Maple Syrup
                                      • Xylitol
                                      • Agave Nectar
                                      • Advantage
                                      • Kimono Organic Tamari
                                      • Coconut Oil
                                      • Nut Butter
                                      • Tahini
                                      • Foodology Activated Nut Granola
                                      • Kallo Stock – Chicken, Beef, Vegetable
                                      • Miso Soup
                                      • Nairns Oatcakes
                                      • Wheat Free Flours
                                      • Organic Herbs and Spices
                                      • Organic Cornflakes
                                      • Nielson Massey Vanilla Essence
                                      • Raw Honey
                                      • Coconut Blossom Sugar
                                      • Wheat Free Pasta


                                            • Earthsap
                                            • Enchantrix