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Unlock Environ's Hydration Secrets

Ultimate Hydration Powerhouse

Discover the unparalleled hydration benefits of Environ Focus Care Moisture+ Super Moisturiser. This revolutionary moisturizer is enriched with Pentavitin® and Revidrate™, two potent ingredients that work in tandem to regulate natural hydration levels and fortify your skin's moisture barrier. Experience softer, more nourished skin that can withstand even the driest of climates and conditions.

Pentavitin®: Nature's Long-Lasting Moisture Miracle

Pentavitin® is a 100% plant-derived ingredient based on a natural sugar complex in the skin. This remarkable component provides numerous advantages:

  • Supports the moisture barrier of the epidermis
  • Stays on the skin for 72 hours, ensuring continuous hydration
  • Removed naturally by desquamation (skin shedding)
  • Increases ceramides and hyaluronic acid for a supple, youthful appearance

Revidrate™: Advanced Hydration Science

Revidrate™ is a groundbreaking ingredient that stimulates genes and enzymes to increase hydrating factors in the skin. It also:

  • Supports the skin's water and lipid balance
  • Rich, creamy formulation packed with antioxidants to shield your skin from daily environmental stressors

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Environ is a Consultation Product Range as it contains highly active ingredients.

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