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Breathe Easy with Crystal Aire Purifier Concentrate Pack

Breathe Easy with Crystal Aire Purifier Concentrate Pack

3 x 30ml

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Three Fragrances, One Solution for Air Purification

Crystal Aire Purifier Concentrate 3 pack Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Ocean Mist provides a natural and effective solution for purifying your home or office air. Made from 100% natural ingredients and pure essential oils; this air purifier concentrate pack is perfect for those looking for a non-toxic and eco-friendly way to improve air quality.

Powerful Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Properties

The Crystal Aire Purifier Concentrate pack comes in three different fragrances, each containing anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and prevent the growth of mould spores. The Eucalyptus fragrance is particularly effective in clearing the respiratory system and relieving allergies, while the Ocean Mist and Vanilla fragrances create a calming and refreshing ambience in the room.

Alcohol-Free Formula for Safe Air Purification

The non-toxic and alcohol-free formula of Crystal Aire Purifier Concentrate makes it safe to use in your home, office or any enclosed space. The concentrated water-soluble solution is specifically designed for Crystal Aire Air cleaners and does not damage or corrode the motors. The 30ml bottle size is perfect for adding just the right amount of fragrance to your air purifier, and the three different fragrances allow you to switch between them as per your preference.

What's in the Box

This Crystal Aire Purifier Concentrate 3 pack Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Ocean Mist contains 1 x 30ml Eucalyptus fragrance concentrate, 1 x 30ml Ocean Mist fragrance concentrate and 1 x 30ml Vanilla fragrance concentrate. Enjoy the benefits of each fragrance and experience the power of natural air purification.

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