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NOW Oral Biotic

NOW Oral Biotic

60 Lozenges

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NOW Oral Biotic: A Pathway to Holistic Oral Health

NOW Oral Biotic stands as a testament to the innovative stride towards maintaining optimal oral health through the benefits of beneficial bacteria, specifically Streptococcus salivarius. Among the myriad of oral microbiota, S. salivarius plays a pivotal role from infancy, establishing the foundation of a healthy oral and throat environment. Incorporating the BLIS K12 strain, a particularly potent variant of S. salivarius, into NOW Oral Biotic not only enhances the natural defence mechanisms at the body's primary entry point but also ensures a colonization that supports the health of the mouth, ears, nose, and throat.

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The Science Behind NOW Oral Biotic

Clinical studies underscore the efficacy of BLIS K12 in nurturing the health of children's mouths, ears, noses, and throats, delineating a proactive approach to wellness that transcends conventional oral care. Furthermore, the regular use of NOW Oral Biotic is linked to maintaining fresh breath, providing a tangible solution to a common concern affecting a broad demographic.

Pure and Inclusive Formulation

Emphasizing inclusivity and safety, NOW Oral Biotic is formulated without common allergens, including eggs, gluten, nuts, and soy, making it a kosher-friendly option. This careful consideration ensures that the product caters to a broad audience, respecting dietary restrictions and preferences.

Usage and Storage Guidelines

Tailored to meet the needs of both adults and children, NOW Oral Biotic offers a flexible dosing regimen that accommodates individual health needs. For adults, the recommendation is to take two tablets 1 to 4 times daily, while children aged two and up can take two tablets 1 to 5 times daily. The tablets are designed to dissolve slowly in the mouth for optimal absorption. Refrigeration is advised to maintain the product's potency, preserving the beneficial effects over time.

Precautions for Optimal Health

NOW Oral Biotic emphasizes the importance of consulting a health professional, especially for pregnant women, nursing, taking medication, or having a compromised immune system. The product's interaction with antibiotics is also highlighted, advising a strategic consumption schedule to maximize benefits.

What You Receive

Each package of NOW Foods OralBiotic contains 60 tablets, meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily wellness routine. This commitment to quality and consumer health is a cornerstone of the NOW brand, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted name in nutritional supplements and health products.

The Good Stuff Online Health Shop: Your Partner in Wellness

NOW Oral Biotic is proudly offered by The Good Stuff Online Health Shop South Africa, a beacon for health and wellness products. Our range extends beyond oral health, embracing immune boosters, stress relievers, and holistic supplements. With a nationwide delivery service, we ensure that every household in South Africa has access to the means of enhancing their wellbeing, underscored by a commitment to eco-conscious living and the expertise of our holistic health practitioners.


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