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GAIA Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade

GAIA Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade

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If one is intending to use 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for oxygenation purposes (3-5 drops per 250ml glass of water) a precursor of a 5-day course of 43% Pure Magnesium Peroxide Powder Mg02 is highly recommended prior to the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide oxygenation process. Magnesium Peroxide will first clear the body and gut from any excess acid and mucous – only then can the beneficial oxygenating effects from the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide be fully absorbed at cellular level.

Recommended Dosage for Oxygenation : Dosage: Add 3-5 drops per 250ml glass of water. Maximum 5 times a day making sure it is taken between meals preferably at least half an hour before consuming foods.


Other suggested uses for 3% strength (30ml to 1000ml’s or 15ml’s to 500ml water in a hand-pump atomizer) include: sterilisation and chemical detoxification of fruit and vegetables, crockery, cutlery, chopping boards and kitchen sinks and household surfaces followed by rinsing, however fruits and vegetables, should be rinsed within 3-5 minutes.

H2O2 at a dilution of 1-3, possibly 5 drops per 250ml glass of water (semi-polluted or unclean) also serves as an effective drinking water disinfectant against unicellular pathogens and reproductive egg stages of multi-cellular pathogens without the high toxicity potential of chlorine, other disinfectants and their by-products.

Further uses: Hydrogen Peroxide also has the ability to counteract harmful bacteria and viruses, preventing colon disease, vaginitis, bladder infections and a host of other common ailments. When lactobacillus in the colon or vaginal tract have been overrun with harmful viruses, yeast, or bacteria, an effective douche or enema solution can be made using 3 tablespoons of 3% H202 in 750ml filtered water. 

CAUTION: This product is volatile, contains & releases oxygen which can build up in the bottle if not released at regular intervals.



Avoid ALL and ANY direct contact with the eyes.

Avoid DIRECT CONTACT with the skin if in an undiluted form .

In the event of contact with the eyes continuously & thoroughly rinse the eyes and IMMEDIATELY consult your doctor.

NB:  Storage – Avoid any direct sunlight storage! Store upright in fridge for short term storage and in the freezer for long term storage.


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